Who are we and what we do

Henley Biomass are specialists in waste water treatment and Our mission is to help create a cleaner environment by reducing the waste that is created through other means of recycling.

The Company is raising funds under the Enterprise Investment Scheme in order to build a water treatment facility. Once built, the facility will be able to process landfill leachate from local landfill sites. These water wastes are usually required to be chemically treated before disposal. Not only is this an expensive process for the customer but the use of chemicals in the processing of water waste is a complete waste of resources when there are other more environmentally friendly processes to treat this waste.

Millions of tons of waste water is disposed of every year in the UK. The Company will make money by charging its customers a ‘gate fee’ for the receipt and safe disposal of the waste water. Not only will the Company provide a cheaper alternative to its customers but it is also providing a solution with sound environmental credentials which will assist its customers in meeting their Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) targets.